Facility Management Services

Our Housekeeping Services division is responsible for the upkeep of offices, hospitals, pubs, hotels, complexes, IT Parks, Airports, Libraries, and industrial units. The services offered by us under this category comprises daily cleaning, vacuuming, trash removal, floor care, restroom cleaning, and interior glass cleaning of premises.

Specialized in Housekeeping, Our intense housekeeping service training programs, superior on-site management, and the respect we show to our customers and employees create an environment in which we consistently exceed the housekeeping service needs and goals of our clients. ASF Management Services has the personals, expertise and understanding which is required to meet all your housekeeping service requirements in demanding high traffic environments. You can have confidence that we will please your customers while making your business shine.

We as a company provide the most appropriate solutions to housekeeping needs. Our team members take it as a task and challenge to provide superior quality results by using best methods, accessories, equipment and support personnel. Some of the driving forces behind our high grade service are as follows:

  • Substantial experience of service
  • Trained and highly experienced service personnel
  • Quality equipment and materials
  • Customer support representation
  • Use of biodegradable, environment friendly chemicals

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