Industrial Manpower Services

  • We also have a highly experienced team of consultant those well versed with the manufacturing/service industry.
  • Strong data bank.
  • Fast process of online jop posting due to our dedicated highly technical software services.
  • No headache of statutory compliance, conciliation issues & wage salary management.
  • Payment to the workmen and staff in the specified time as per the payment of wages Act.
  • Employee Grievance handled as per the grievance mechanism procedure.
  • Up keeping the data of HRMIS.
  • We recruit the employees as per the client's specifications and assign/depute them to the Clients workplace.
  • Low attrition.
  • Multi-Cultural Staffs (Mixed Manpower).
  • Regular & fair appraisal system.
  • We maintain a healthy relationship between the employer and employee.

"Do What you do best and outsource the rest"
--Sunil Kumar--

  1. Get access to skilled expertise
  2. Focus on core activities
  3. Better risk Management
  4. Increasing in-house efficiency
  5. Run by business 24x7
  6. Staffing flexibility
  7. Improve service and delight the customer
  8. Cut costs and save BIG!
  9. Give your business a competitive edge
  10. See an overall increase in your business

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